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Greetings to T H C O M visitor. Welcome to i WORLD
F U T U R E   M A K E O V E R   R E S O L U T I O N   D O M A I N

world of inggerrie - A Wonder World Master Luk Tien Ing Supreme Administrator Chief
T H C O M Home of the Future
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Updated by 27 MAY 2009
陸   天   英  
L U K   T I E N   I N G  
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diun yu tuun go kei chun qin gu kad : chian di jie lien luo we gi buo muon ka rii ni she you si hend ni gi mu piew keng li shion' yin qui we nen du dio ni zhoi she you bon zuo sel kan' gu ni
important note for our valued clients : please make a direct contact with my dedicated units if you need to accomplish your desire and wish because we are where you most require help or assistance
Luk Tien Ing
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customserve GREETINGS. Welcome to the homepage for my official Base Quarter at TWIN   HALL   CENTRAL   OPERATION   MONITOR.

To begin your journey at the identical i world of TWIN   HALL   CENTRAL   OPERATION   MONITOR a.k.a. T H C O M, you can browse through our available pages.

In any way please be patience because most of our pages are not readily available in the meantime. We regret for any inconveniences you may have during this construction period.

Meanwhile we are seeking for true value partner to join or align with our forces in the North and Central Region of the Rajang Basin (Valley of the Rajang).

We are proposing a gigantic plantation research and warehousing facilities for the agriculture and agro resort business.

If you are interested why not be my valued partner of all times. Tell me your true desire, specifying your personal intention ... hope ... vision ... mission ... so as to indicate our similarity goals.

This is the first stage of our continued efforts to fruitful partnership of all times.

Additionally, we welcome funds of all monetary exchanges. Should you interested to earn some pocket money just drop by to discussing your very need. Always make a direct contact at either our local outlet or that of our mobile vehicle.

For Emergency Cash Source (sort of pay day loan, quick money loan, emergency cash loan) we welcome your inquire. No obligation FREE quotes tailored to your need. Attractive interests with flexible payback period of up to sixty (60) months will be negotiated and available.

Moreover, there is the time when all you ever need are not to save or earn an income. You may want and wish to deliver your hard earned money for the less fortunate.

A contribution that you want to express your concern for all the things around you and your world.

But a charity contribution may not have materialise your kind concern because they are managed by humans and humans are incompatible.

Thereso we at T   H   C   O   M   HOME OF THE FUTURE (H O T F) obligate ourselves to reward the donor of the kind heart.

Our action plan is simple and last forever (eternal). Donor who join us and express their kind concern through us for the sake of the needy ... for peace ... for charity organization ... you name it. We record all contributions by our registered donors and award with a lifetime reward courtesy of both the T   H   C   O   M and LUK   TIEN   ING ( 陸 天 英 ).

We will enlist all our registered donors in our database for the duration of a lifetime. A reward cheque will then be issued and sent at every new year eve.

This reward cheque is our way of saying "Thank You" for our loyal registered donors. One single donation is all set for this reward to last forever.

Of course the more you donate or make your timely charitable contribution the better the reward will be. But still it is not of any requirement unless you want it to be so because a single donation from you already clarifies your kind heart and concern towards your surrounding world.

In order to benefit as HOTF Donor you need only to register at H   O   T   F and thereafter begin your single donation (or as many as you wish) through us.

with best regards
やなすき真木ない Yanasuki Makinai

annual charity rate = 22.22%
annual deposit rate = 33.33%
annual lending rate = 44.44%

Service Beyond Request
Service Beyond Expectation
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Should you need help just email us your kind request. In all manners you should never spam us or our fellow members.
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