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~ A General Introduction ~

Our Organization
.: Spirit Organization :.

The Spirit of Origin

The ideas and the origin spirit some how evolved in the late 1960s. Since then works have been made to ignite them altogether and that brought to the existence of one spirit-natured entity on the very beginning month of the year 1970. It transform lead a very private investment and consulting lodge and was named "LUK TIEN ING", translated as "From the Earth and the Sky bring forth the Wisdom". These are the combination from three chinese character blocks -- namely:

  1. ' LUK DI '
  2. ' TIEN KON '
  3. ' ING MING '
First, 'LUK DI' translate as the land (earth). It means the base and the very basic foundation.

Second, 'TIEN KON' translate as the sky (skyline). It proclaims a limitless development nature. Just as borderless as the sky, the entity shall reign limitless in its progress for development.

And finally, 'ING MING' translate as the wisdom (brilliant thoughts). This would otherwise assume possession of great talents among the staff where brilliant ideas, innovative and creative works develops all around the working atmosphere of the entity.

To conclude, "LUK TIEN ING" the one spirit force that is borne as pure as the land and the sky and using a highly intelligent, innovative, creative serving staff to accomplish the well being of the general members.

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